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Mysterious murders in the Sumy region and the grouping of deputy Derkach


In the Sumy region in recent months there have been very disturbing events, for which for some reason journalists do not write. In the region there is criminal lawlessness, which is almost never covered. Why this happens is not yet clear.

But the situation is really serious. Recently, even the Mayor of Glukhova Michel Tereshchenko, who for a long time was the focus of media attention after his election, publicly spoke. But now journalists for some reason are not so willing to quote his words.

In late September in the Glukhov district near the village of Sosnovka local mushroom pickers found the remains of the human body. Presumably, these were the remains of the head of the Sumy regional organization of the UDAR party, Sergei Likhman, who was abducted in May 2014, on the eve of the presidential election. Likhman was the head of Poroshenko’s pre-election headquarters.

On the eve of the election, Sergei Leshchenko wrote that Poroshenko’s campaign headquarters in Sumy is going to be headed by a local feudal lord — the influential regional, People’s Deputy Andrei Derkach, who was considered «the master of the region» at the time. After the revolution, Derkach, like many other regionalists, apparently expected to move to the «Block of Peter Poroshenko,» but something did not work out. Probably, Derkach was not taken to the BCP because of his excessive odiousness. Now he is a member of the deputy group «The Will of the People» together with other ex-regional groups.

Headquarters of Poroshenko in Sumy was headed by Sergey Likhman. And soon after that he disappeared. Witnesses of the kidnapping indicated that he had been put into the Volkswagen by unknown people and taken away somewhere. Local claim that this car belonged to the security company «P7», which is controlled by Derkach. This enterprise is sometimes also called in suma «private police» Derkach.


Two years about Likhman there was no news, and on September 23, 2016 in the forest found the remains, which most likely belonged to the missing «UDARovtsu.» Then the fun began. Police officers have stolen the remains found in the forest, and began to pretend that nothing happened. A month passed, they almost forgot about the find. Even the call of the people who found the bones was not registered.

Here is what the wife of the Mayor of Glukhov Michel Tereschenko reported about happened — Elena Eskina

«Now 23 September 2016r. mushroom pickers near the village of Sosnovki Glukhivskogo district buli znaydenė humane remains, yakі, for dumkoju mіssevih activeіstіv, mozhut nalezhati sama Sergiyu. Aly pracitsniki pravochoronnih organіv, yakі the same day nebito carried away the terrible sign in the inextinguishable strains, to be built up, namagayutsya prihovati informatsii about neii: vyyavilosya, sho viklik up politsії tі nіnshі vіdomostі not zafіksovany, sіdkіv (yak stverdzhuyut ostаnnі) asked the mowers. І Lisha 26 Zhovtnya at ZMI became the Yakis material of the local drive, if it is not done in the face of the SBU prisons, who hung out for fear of evil,

On November 1, Michel Tereschenko gathered a press conference, which was made by Alexander Miroshnichenko — a man who found human remains in the forest. Before this press conference, trucks loaded with Lviv garbage tried to stop at Glukhov. It looked like their appearance was an outright provocation, and most likely it was. The Sumy mass media openly wrote that Lviv garbage was most likely brought by Derkach, who is fighting with Michel Tereschenko.

According to Tereshchenko himself, the people of Derkach were brought from Lviv specially to make another scandal and divert attention from the corpse found and the press conference connected with it. Garbage trucks, he said, were accompanied by employees of the same security company «R-7». In addition, they were not prevented by the police.

«Two» DAPA «moved along the road Glukhov — Moscow and drove a stationary police post, but they were not stopped at the post. Instead, the employees of the post, according to Mr. Tereshchenko, accompanied the trucks to the place where they were supposed to be met by the «coordinator», the local newspaper writes.

At a press conference hunter Miroshnichenko, who found a corpse in the forest, told how everything was. Going to the forest for mushrooms, he found human bones and skull, in the lower jaw of which was a gilded crown.

«He immediately informed the district village of Sosnovka by mobile phone. An hour after this call at the UAZ, an investigative and operational group of 4 people arrived, including the deputy head of the Glukhov police. They inspected the place, interviewed Alexander Miroshnichenko and his friend, collected the remains and left. And more than a month nobody reported anything about this story until our journalist from the source in the law enforcement bodies learned of the departure of two SBU management officers to the Sosnovsky forest in the Sumy region. It was on the 26th of October. They asked to show the place where they found the remains. At that place, they found the remains of the hairline. At the request of our journalist to comment on this finding, as the head of the communications sector of the SUDC in the Sumy region, Elvira Biganova, and the spokesman of the Procurator’s Office of the Bag of the region Natalia Naumenko reported that the find was sent for examination, but most likely it is not human remains, but a piece of skin animal «- quotes his story Sumy site» Dankor »

According to local journalists, Sumy law enforcers are controlled by Derkach, who continues to enjoy great influence in the region. It follows that sabotaging the investigation of history with remains, they were probably asked by a people’s deputy.

But this is only one story. There is another.

October 19, right in the center of Putivl (also Sumy region), near the police office was shot deputy assistant to the people’s deputy Pavel Kishkarya Gennady Tsukanov. Tsukanov was shot twice, he was brought to the hospital still alive, but they could not save him. There were no publications about this in the media.

Kishkar told me directly on the phone that the Derkach group was behind this murder.

In addition, I also talked to the mother of the dead on the phone. She said she has a photo of a man who killed her son, but the police do not investigate this murder. She believes that Derkach’s people could do this, since Gennady Tsukanov had a conflict with the Mayor of Putivl. who is Derkach’s protege.

Once I believed that Sumy is a boring, quiet province. And it turns out, there are such passions that you can shoot a movie.

It’s time to stir this hornet’s nest a little.

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